• Katie

How to set goals

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

You need to know what you want before you can really get to work, other wise what is going to get you up out of bed early? Keep you up late? Make you say no to a few things so you can say yes later on?

Be a goal digger

Put on your favourite music and simply write down all the things you want in your life. Just go mad for 15 minutes everything you’ve ever thought about - big or small, little or large.

Get creative and get a huge piece of paper and get some magazine and create a board with all your goals, favourite quotes, visions, pictures and stick it up somewhere you can see it daily, where you can stop and revise it and implant the thoughts into your sub conscious.

Every day your sub conscious will make decisions for you to reach your goals. It’s a fun exercise to do with the family or your spouse in creating a dream board together.

Katie x